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Exclusion notices

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Exclusion Notices are designed to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in or near our member’s premises to make the city a safer place to work and visit. They are also intended to send out a strong message that such behaviour is not tolerated in the city. They are governed by strict protocols and are not issued lightly.


Why have I received an Exclusion Notice from the BCRP banning me from entering some places in Brighton & Hove?

The various shops and pubs and clubs that our members own are private property. This means that, while the public are 'invited' to enter them, the owners can decide to refuse admission to anyone at any time. We believe that our Members' right to protect their staff and customers from harm or loss outweighs your rights and freedoms that you will lose by being excluded and we have performed a 'balance of interests' test to make sure.

All of our members have also given the BCRP their permission to stop people from entering their venues. Currently that is over 480 places in the city. You can see of a list of all the places by clicking on the 'About' tab and then the 'Current Members' tab.

When we receive a report from one of our members about an incident of anti-social behaviour or criminal activity that you have been involved in, either within or near one of our member’s premises, we put the details on our database. When we receive a certain number of reports about incidents that you have been involved in we will issue you with an Exclusion Notice which bans you from going into our members' properties for a period of 12 months. The Exclusion Notice will include details of the incidents that have resulted in your ban. Your details, including a photograph, will then be circulated to our members so they know you have been banned and they will not let you in.

Wherever possible we will write to you before you get enough incidents to merit a ban to let you know that unless your behaviour changes you are heading for an Exclusion Notice but we do not guarantee this and if you don't get this ‘warning letter’ it will not invalidate an Exclusion Notice that is issued later. For some serious crimes you can receive an Exclusion Notice for a single criminal incident.

There is an appeal procedure and if you think the exclusion notice is wrong you should write to Brighton & Hove BCRP. PO Box 5398. Brighton, BN50 8GQ stating the reasons why. Your appeal must be in writing and it will be considered by the BCRP’s Board of Management.


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