Security directory

Below you will find a directory of all the Brighton & Hove security companies that are currently members of the BCRP scheme. As a member each security company has access to the BCRP radio network and secure website with its comprehensive offender database together with all the other BCRP membership services. You can find out more about each of the security companies and what services they offer by selecting the relavant links below [these link to the external websites of the individual companies and the BCRP cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the content of third party sites]. 

Some of the security companies who operate a Mobile Support Unit (MSU) have chosen to go through the BCRP MSU Accreditation scheme. To be accredited the security company must ensure their MSU vehicle and staff meet high standards of operation. You can find out more about the BCRP MSU Accreditation here, alternatively you can contact us using this form. The companies are listed in alphabetical order and nothing should be inferred from their position in the list.

For some tips on how to buy the best security to help keep your business, staff and customers safe read the SIA's regulators guide

A class security logo.gif

A Class Security

Telephone: 07516 266 254


Beacon security.jpg

Beacon security

Telephone: 0800 999 2479


BN1 security.png

BN1 Security

Telephone: 01273 775707


coastal security.jpg

Citysafe security

Telephone: 07748635354

Email: (contact form)

Consec risk.jpg

consec risk management

BCRP MSU accredited company.

Telephone: 01273 666360 (24hr mobile: 07399605198)


Future Guarding solutions

Telephone: 01273 589889 (24hr mobile: 07375045991)



pagoda security and facilities management ltd

BCRP MSU accredited company and SIA Approved Contractor

Telephone: 01273 621323 (24 hr number: 01273 916888)


resolve security solutions ltd

BCRP MSU accredited company.

Telephone: 01273 581082


security and events.jpg

security & event solutions

Telephone: 01273 423521 (duty phone: 07432202701)

Email: (Operations Manager) 

Security corps.jpg

Security Corps

Telephone: 01273 625569


Shields Security.png

shields security ltd

Telephone: 07454354859


select security.jpg

Select security & stewarding ltd

Telephone: 01273 609312


Sussex security.png

sussex security ltd

Telephone: 07453583620/ 07462699033