Three men jailed for dealing class A drugs in Brighton

Three men have been jailed for a combined total of 12 years and eight months after being found being guilty of supplying heroin and crack cocaine in Brighton. 

The arrest came after an operation was carried out by officers from the Brighton and Hove Police Community Investigation Team. The operation lasted six months and has so far yielded 75 arrests. 

After pleading guilty to the charges, Maxime Coulibaly was jailed for 20 months for conspiracy to supply crack cocaine and possession of cannabis. 

Babucarr Camara was found guilty of conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine and possession of cannabis. He was given a sentence of seven years imprisonment.

Mustapha John pleaded guilty of conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine, money laundering and possession of an offensive weapon (a hammer) and was given a four year jail sentence. 

Further to the sentences above, Winston Kuye was given a two year prison sentence, suspended for two years and 180 hours of unpaid community work for conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine and possession of cannabis. 

Bronwen McKenzie was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years and received a 12-month drug rehabilitation order. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine. 

At sentencing, Judge Charles Kemp said: "This was an efficient and well organised conspiracy to pedal dangerous drugs. You had no control of where they end up and they often make their way to young and vulnerable people. Lives are ruined and sometimes terminated. You are all adults and as long as you were willing to take part this will continue to be a problem”.

The judge commended the work of the officers involved in the case and the success of the police operation so far.

Detective Inspector Julie Wakeford said: “These sentences are the latest for those arrested as a result of our major drugs operation targeting the supply of heroin and crack cocaine into the city. 

"Our work which is supported by the Community Safety Partnership is an example of the excellent joint working that continues in the city targeting those who supply heroin while at the same time encouraging those who need to support with addiction into treatment."