Inappropriate sexual behaviour in the night-time economy.

According to a Drinkaware survey of 2,000 18 to 24-year-olds, 75% said they'd either been groped or seen people being groped on a night out.

Disturbingly 60% of the women questioned said inappropriate comments or inappropriate sexual touching were "just part of a night out" when in fact the latter is certainly against the law and the former could be depending on what was said.

Half of those questioned in the poll were men and 25% of them said that they had also been, sexually harassed on a night out.

Janet Mackechnie – Marketing Manager from Drinkaware – said: "Being drunk is no excuse to grab, grope or make inappropriate comments to strangers on a night out after a few drinks,".

"If people see someone being sexually harassed, asking them if they are OK can make a big difference - whether they're a friend or a stranger."

Drinkaware give the following advice if you see a friend - or a stranger - being sexually harassed:

1. Spot it - is something dodgy happening?

2. Check it - is it safe to step in?

3. Speak out - if it's safe to do so, check in with the person being targeted. Are they OK? If not, alert security personnel or staff behind the bar.