Rough sleeping figures show a sharp increase

Recently released Government figures have exposed a sharp increase in rough sleeping in Brighton & Hove. 

The numbers, published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, show there were 178 people living on the street between 01 October and 30 November last year - a 24% increase during the same period the previous year. The statistics also show a nationwide increase of 15%.

Brighton & Hove is now considered the 2nd worst area for rough sleeping in the country, with London being the worst. 

Andy Winter, Chief Exec of the Brighton Housing Trust has commented on the situation, and believes "the increase is due to the increasing unaffordability of private rented accommodation, the failure to build new social housing, and welfare reform."

He went on to say that Brighton & Hove is "fortunate (that) we have a council that is aware of the scale of problem and that works well with a number of excellent charities that prevent homelessness and help people to move off the streets.

Without these charities the situation would be much, much worse."

To read more of Andy's comments on the situation, please see his blog comments. 

**image courtesy of the_jim**