Full extent of shop theft not accounted for in latest figures

According to the Assocation of Convenience Stores (ACS), latest official figures revealing only a modest increase in shoplifting do not reveal the true extent of theft against retailers.

Official statistics showed that the number of shop thefts recorded by police over the last year was 382,706. This amounted to an increase of only 1% over the previous year.*

James Lowman, ACS Chief Executive, stressed that the figures are not to be taken literally. He argues that the real numbers are likely to be much higher due to under-reporting to police.

A lack of businesses reporting crime is also likely to be a factor in the numbers seemingly being under-represented. Only around 18-24% of incidents reported to the Brighton & Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership also get reported to police.

Statistics also showed a 19% increase of violent offences over the previous year standing at 1.4 million.

*Statistics released by The Office for National Statistics (ONS). Data based on incidents for the year ending June 2018.