Ask 4 Angela launched in Brighton

Ask 4 Angela

The BCRP is pleased to announce the official launch of the ‘Ask 4 Angela’ campaign in the Brighton and Hove area.

'Ask 4 Angela’ was created by Lincolnshire County Council and enables people to discreetly ask for help from members of staff in venues by using the 'code name' Angela. The individual simply has to approach any member of staff in a venue and ask to speak to “Angela”. This alerts staff that the person needs help defusing or avoiding a situation that they don't find comfortable.

Hayley, who works as the sexual violence and abuse strategy co-ordinator for Lincolnshire, said: "Angela was a play on the word (guardian) Angel. The posters are up in male and female toilets and provide reassurance there is support available if needed."

The campaign, which involves posters going up in venue toilets, has been rolled out up and down the country and has even attracted global attraction.

The Brighton and Hove BCRP have worked closely with colleagues from Sussex Police, most notably the licensing team to roll out the campaign in the city.

Over the past three years, Sussex Police, in partnership with the BCRP, have been taking an innovative approach with their campaigns in a bid to prevent rape and serious sexual offences within the night time economy. This has included the successful vulnerability training package that has been running annually over the last three years. The training aims to provide members with a toolkit to consider when dealing with vulnerable people to ensure their safety.

The “Ask 4 Angela” campaign complements the training package and seeks to highlight to members of the public and customers that staff, from bar staff to security personnel, in the city take their safety seriously.

To find out more about the campaign within Brighton & Hove or to get hold of some of the posters please contact us.