Increase in reports of assaults against retail staff

New figures from the Home Office show a significant increase in the number of assaults and threats committed against the wholesale and retail sectors. 

The figures, which formed part of the 2017 Commerical Victimisation Survey, show the number of reported incidents has risen to 1,433 incidents per 1,000 premises in 2017 - more than double the number reported in 2016  [524 incidents per 1,000 premises]. 

On the whole the report found that shoplifting, assaults and threats were at the highest level since 2012 with shoplifting accounting for 63% of all crimes against the retail sector. 

In 2012 the median cost of shoplifting per victim was £237, in 2017 the cost was £500.

Furthermore the survey shows that around 50% of businesses that were consulted did not report all incidents of shop theft to the police. The Brighton and Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership thinks these figures are significantly understated; in Brighton only around 24% of incidents reported to the BCRP are also reported to the police. 

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