Centre for Social Justice calls for tougher sentencing for shoplifters

The CSJ urges the government to introduce two-year sentences for prolific shoplifters in order to cut crime and rehabilitate offenders many of whom are stealing to fund their drug addiction.

The call follows the release of the CSJ's new 'Desperate for a Fix' report which suggests rising shop theft is being driven by criminals addicted to narcotics and psychoactive substances such as Spice.

The report found that as many as 70% of shop thefts are committed by drug addicts. The CSJ says 10,000 of the most prolific drug-addicted offenders should be targeted with a tough two-year sentence involving a year of drug-free secure accommodation and a year of therapeutic drug treatment to prevent re-offending.

The CSJ also recommended that Police and Crime Commissioners should work with businesses and local partners to identify and target prolific drug-addicted offenders.

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