Brighton man faces jail for attempted kidnap of 8 year old girl

A Brighton man is facing prison after being charged with attempt kidnap on an eight year girl who was on her way to post a letter. 

Michael Belhawla, Brighton

Michael Belhawla, 24, is alleged to have grabbed the girl from behind and bundled her to the floor with his hand over her mouth. 

The victim has since suffered with post traumatic stress diorder as a result of the attack. 

Belhawla has pleaded guilty to assault causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) but has denied the more serious charges. 

The defense claims that Belhawla was very drunk and collided with the young girl. They have also cited drug and alcohol issues as factors. 

Judge Charles Kemp has ordered a psychiatric assessment to help him decide when he sentences Belhawla on Friday 31st of August. Belhawla will be remanded in prison until the hearing.