Yvette Cooper: Burglars get 'green light to reoffend'

With police failing to identify any suspects at all in four our of five burglaries  and one in three car thefts, the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee Yvette Cooper MP, has suggested that there is no reason why reoffending rates for burglars should decline. In the absence of any realistic prospect of being caught, burglary represents a safe crime for criminals. Only 5% of burglaries result in conviction.

Some 249,235 burglaries were committed last year but 81% resulted in no further action being taken. In addition 106,344 motor vehicles were taken without consent which is the highest figure in 8 years but 75% resulted in no action by police forces across the UK.

Yvette Cooper said: “Too many investigations are closing without suspects being identified and we are hearing increasing reports of the police being too overstretched to investigate.

“These figures suggest that investigations into volume crimes are now being hit. Failing to identify suspects gives criminals a green light to reoffend.”