Bravery award for the Sussex Business Wardens

Sussex Business Wardens divisional award 2019.jpg

The Sussex Business Wardens have been awarded for their bravery in helping to save a man's life after his bike collided with a car last year.

 On 27th June at 17:55 2018 the Sussex Business Wardens were on patrol by Palmeria Square when they witnessed an accident between a cyclist and a car which was stationary at a crossing.

 The Business Wardens acted quickly and whilst one of the wardens leapt out of the security car to divert traffic away, the other two wardens grabbed their first aid bags to offer preliminary aid to the cyclist who had suffered a serious injury.

 The quick thinking and bravery of the three wardens undoubtedly saved the man's life and on Friday 8th of February 2019 they were commended by Sussex Police at the annual divisional award ceremony.

 The Business Wardens were among police officers, staff, volunteers and members of the public who received awards and congratulations for their courage, bravery, exceptional investigative skills and dedication to providing a public service in the city. The award ceremony took place at the British Airways i360 in Brighton and were presented by Chief Superintendent Lisa Bell in the presence of the High Sheriff of East Sussex Major General John Moore-Bick and Brighton and Hove City Mayor Dee Simson.

 Chief Supt Bell said: "I see the dedication, professionalism and courage with which Brighton and Hove officers and staff police the city on a daily basis.

 "This was a chance to see the breadth of policing and active citizenship across the city and recognise those who have gone above and beyond what is expected. It is the tireless and selfless efforts of those who have been recognised that keeps our communities in Brighton and Hove safe and secures the trust and confidence of the public."

The BCRP would like to offer our congratulations to the Sussex Business Wardens for their actions on this day. Another example of the security industry showcasing their contribution to ensure the safety of the city.

We are incredibly proud and thankful to the Sussex Business Wardens for their continued hard work in the city.