Safer services: promoting positive approaches to violent behaviour

The City of London is hosting a not-for-profit event on the subject of promoting positive approaches to behaviour at the Guildhall on 15th of April 2019.

The aims of the event are to equip individuals with some positive approaches to behaviour and violence risk reduction. This will be useful for those individuals who have interaction with people in the 'street community' and groups of young people, who may at times be challenging and/or vulnerable.

The event will also consider the challenges and risks faced when we have interactions with these groups of individuals through the course of our work.

Practical insights will be delivered by a variety of different experts, including:

  • Safer approaches to lone working and violence risk reduction

  • Positive interactions and relationships with members of the street community

  • How to handle challenging and anti-social behaviours

  • Building rapport with young people and interacting with groups

  • Looking behind the behaviour: How life experiences and trauma shape neurodevelopment and a person's needs and responses

  • Key things to do (and avoid doing) when communicating with a person experiencing a mental health crisis / drug induced psychosis

  • Identifying learning approaches that build skills and confidence

Places for the event cost £49.95 per person. Refreshments and lunch are included in the costs.

For further information or to book, please follow this link.