Q1. What is DISC?

DISC is the BCRP secure website which provides members with accurate intelligence, alerts and up to date images of known offenders subject to exclusions and Criminal Behaviour Orders. It also shows images of indivdiuals who are in danger of exclusion so that they can be proactively prevented from offending and hence being excluded.

Members can use the site to report incidents to the BCRP and Sussex Police (this feature is to save members time calling 101).

Q2. How do I log on to DISC?

Before you can log on to DISC you will need to be sent login details by a member of BCRP staff. Only people with a legitimate need to access DISC will be given permission. Therefore, if you request access, we will contact your employer/contractor [who must already be a Member of the BCRP] to make sure you are genuine.

Assuming you pass this test, you will be sent an email which will contain a link. If you click this link it will open up a webpage which will enable you to create your account.

You can find DISC by following the 'Members Only' link in the header. Alternatively, go to https://www.disc-net.org/brighton.

If you are a member to the BCRP and do not have login details for DISC please contact the scheme office.

Q3. I have logged in before but now I can't seem to access the site?

For data protection purposes if an account has been idle for six weeks the account is automatically deleted. An email is usually sent to inform the account holder that this action will be taken if they do not log in. Periodically all members will be 'locked out' of DISC and asked to re-certify their accounts to make sure they are complying with our rules for accessing the intranet.

If you require access to the site please contact the scheme office.

Q4. How do I download the app?

The DISC app features the same information and functionality as the website but in a more mobile friendly format.

To download the app first make sure you have created your account using the link you will have been sent via email. Then simply search for 'Littoralis DISC App' in either the Google Play or App stores (depending on what phone you have). It's a completely free download.

Q5. Can I share this information with others?

The information on the DISC site is for MEMBERS ONLY and cannot be shared in any format with third parties.

Please ensure that any members of staff who have access to the site know that they must not share any of the information in any way - it cannot be shown to anyone (including anyone whose image is on the website). See FAQs on Data Protection for more information.

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