Individual businesses that become members of a BCRP, use the radio handset, take training opportunties and fully take part in the daily operation of the scheme could see an 85% reduction in incidents

[source: Kent Police].


Our Mission

The Brighton and Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership is one of the leading BCRPs in the country and stands on the frontline of the fight against business crime.

We represent both daytime and night-time economies and we will support your business by giving you the tools you need to help prevent crime and disorder in and around your business.

Fighting business crime in Brighton & Hove

The BCRP works with businesses and partner agencies to reduce business crime in the city. It operates a state-of-the-art digital radio network and secure password-protected website which provides accurate intelligence and up-to-date images of individuals offending in the area.

The BCRP also provides crime prevention training, runs restorative justice sessions and operates an Exclusion Notice Scheme which bans prolific offenders from all BCRP member premises.

Using intelligence gathered from members and the police, the BCRP also refers offenders to partner agencies to secure support to address their offending behaviour and reduce the chances of re-offending.

The Brighton & Hove BCRP is the largest in the UK [by membership]. At a time of reducing resources and increasing demands on Sussex Police, the BCRP has an ever more vital role to play in preventing and reducing crime and disorder in the city.

The BCRP is essential to enable local businesses in Brighton and Hove to work closely with the police to confidently address crime and anti-social behaviour that affects the business community.
— Chris Neilson, Business Crime Lead, Sussex Police

The benefits of being a member include:

  • Direct contact with police officers carrying BCRP radios operating across the city

  • State of the art, password-protected website providing accurate intelligence and up-to-date images of offenders subject to exclusion and Criminal Behaviour Orders [CBOs]

  • Mobile app for Apple and Android phones which allows password-protected access to intelligence via your smart phone device

  • Representation in court for CBO applications legally banning offenders from parts of the city

  • Unique data sharing agreement between BCRP members and Sussex Police

  • Increased profitability by reducing crime, the fear of crime, stock losses and anti-social behaviour

  • Quarterly business crime reduction meetings

  • Weekly e-newsletter

  • Free crime reduction training in partnership with Sussex Police and Brighton & Hove Trading Standards Department

  • Tax benefit - BCRP membership fees are tax deductible as a legitimate business expense

Membership of the scheme costs just £9.50 a week [plus VAT].