Members FAQS

Q1. How do I join the Brighton & Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership?

You can apply for membership online using this form. We normally aim to reply to applications within 24 hours (if possible) and will contact you to arrange delivery of the radio and go through the scheme in more detail.

Q2. What do I get for my money?

The BCRP offers incredible value for money. For under £10 per week you will recieve a state-of-the-art digital radio handset which connects you to other businesses in the area and also with security providers (should you contract with one) and police (during certain time periods) to share intelligence on individuals who are known to offend in your area or incidents that may have just occured.

Alongside this you will have access to our secure website and smart phone app which provides you with information about individuals who are subject to exclusions or those in danger of exclusion (recently committed an offence against a BCRP member). The website also contains up to date crime news and alerts such as wanted or missing individuals and any protests or events happening in the city that you need to be aware of.

You can also report any indicents to the BCRP and, should you wish to do so, you can also escalate reports of low-level crime direct to Sussex Police saving you time from phoning 101.

The BCRP offers regular free training opportunites for members in areas such as crime prevention, radio training, counter-terrorism awareness and vulnerability training.

We are always striving to offer more for our members and routinely develop new projects to help reduce crime and disorder in or near our members venues. You can find some examples of projects here.

Q3. How much money does it cost?

BCRP membership costs £9.50 per week plus VAT.

Q4. How can I pay?

We prefer members to pay by direct debit however, we do accept payment by BACS or card payments.

Our invoices are usually issued quarterly however, if you would prefer an annual invoice or even a monthly invoice [direct debit payemnt only] we can arrange for this for you.

Q5. What other venues are members of the BCRP?

There are over 500 members of the Brighton and Hove BCRP. These members span both daytime and night-time economies.

For an updated list of our members please click here.

Q6. How do I get access to offender images and other intelligence on offenders?

The BCRP has an Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) with Sussex Police allowing us to obtain certain images of individuals whose offending has led them to being excluded by the BCRP or those who are in danger of exclusion. These images are shared with members solely for the prevention and detection of crime and disorder and strict protocols are followed when sharing such images.

Members can access a list of individuals on our secure intranet or smart phone app. You can access the website here but you have to be a member of the BCRP and you will need a login and password to be able to proceed. If you are a member to the BCRP and cannot access the site please contact the scheme office here.

Q7. An incident has happened in my premises. How do I report this to the BCRP?

You can report incidents to the BCRP using our secure website or smart phone app. Simply select the 'report incident' button at the top of the page and answer the relevant questions.

When you submit your report an email summary will be sent directly to BCRP staff to deal with.

You will also have the ability to send your report directly to Sussex Police. Follow the instructions on the form. A summary of your report, including any CCTV images, will be sent direct to the contact centre at Sussex Police. You will be sent a copy of the report and the contact centre will be in touch within 24 hours to give you a crime reference number and an update on the case.

Q8. What incidents should I report to the BCRP and why?

Any incidents of crime and disorder or anti-social behaviour that happen in your venue should be reported to the BCRP. This is so we can work with you and other members to identify the individuals who are causing issues within our members' premises.

This helps us to issue exclusion notices, where applicable, it also helps us to inform other members of people they need to be aware of. We also collate this information in case a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) is necessary. Further to this, we can make referrals to partner agencies to get the individual any help they might need in order to stop re-offending.

As public service budgets and resources get smaller, fewer people are reporting crime to the police for a variety of reasons. Collecting this information helps us to see a clearer picture of crime in the city in order to try and get responses and resouces where they are needed most. It also helps the BCRP to fight for business crime to get higher on the agenda of partner agencies such as the police or the local council.

The Brighton and Hove BCRP always works for and on behalf of our members to help prevent crime and disorder in or near your venue.

Q10. What can the BCRP do to help me with crime and anti-social behaviour in my venue?

We can help by giving you the tools you need to help prevent incidents happening in the first place. By using the radio and the secure website, you will be alerted to any potential offenders in the area so you can refuse entry. We also offer crime prevention training.

If an incident does occur we can help identify those responsible and, if necessary, issue exlcusion notices.

We can also raise individuals who re-offend reguarly with Sussex Police and work alongside them to stop future offending. This could be, for example, to obtain a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) which will apply strict conditions to the individual that they have to abide by (for example, not entering your venue). If a CBO is breached the individual can be arrested.

The BCRP also organise free training opportunities for members which include crime prevention alongside a host of other projects that could be of assistance to you.