'County Lines' drugs raid leads to three arrests

On Monday 23rd of April Sussex Police carried out a number of warrants in the city which led to three arrests and five 'county lines' being taken out of use in Brighton. This is part of a wider police operation to target drug supplies and dealers. 

Adedoyin Balogun, 24, and a 17 year old boy were arrested and charged with being involved in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine. Balogun was remanded in custody and the 17 year old was released on court bail. 

Zak El Alami, 18, was charged with being involved in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine and was due to appear in court on Wednesday (25 April). 

'County Lines' is a national issue involving the use of mobile phone 'lines' by groups to extend their drug dealing business into new locations outside of their home areas. 'County lines' usually involves exploitation of vulnerable persons - both children and adults in order to maximise dealers profits from the supply of drugs. 

Many of the 'county lines' drug supply networks targeted in the recent operation stem from London boroughs and Sussex Police had support from the Metropolitan Police Service throughout the investigation. 

Detective Inspector Julie Wakeford from Brighton said: "[Sussex Police] will continue to work with [the Metropolitan Police] to disrupt these networks... which are intent on supplying heroin in Brighton & Hove.

"The team works hard with our partners to reduce the harm caused by these dealing networks and to safeguard the vulnerable people exploited by them. We share a commitment to reduce the harm associated to heroin and crack cocaine supply in the city."