Off licence closes after licence applications revoked

International Food and Wine on Preston Road in Brighton had its licence revoked in December 2017 by Brighton & Hove city council's licensing panel after it heard that the store had been caught selling smuggled alcohol and cigarettes, out of date food and that the management was evasive. 

The store lodged an appeal and they were allowed to remain trading until the appeal was heard. A new licence application was submitted by a 'new owner' in the interim period but this was refused by the council. 

The original appeal was dismissed earlier this month after the applicant failed to attend the court proceedings. 

Neighbours have expressed their relief at the store being closed down and have already seen an improvement in the last three weeks stating that the outside is much cleaner and there have been no disturbances even at the weekends. 

Cllr. Jackie O’Quinn, chair of the licensing panel which refused the latest application, said: “We are so pleased that this is a matter which is closed because there were so many issues coming from these premises. It had a historic reputation and a lot of complaints from residents and it had been open until 3am.

“What we are particularly delighted that the licence has now been surrendered. It's a residential area and new off licences can’t even go to 11pm in that area.

“A lot of late licences did go through historically. We are very happy to stand by our licensing policy because I think we are saturated and I think residents are fed up.”