Pavilions alcohol and drugs workshops for the licensed trade

Pavilions are commissioned by Public Health Brighton

Pavilions are commissioned by Public Health Brighton

Pavilions are commissioned by Public Health Brighton to offer a wide range of free Alcohol and Drugs training for professionals in Brighton and Hove. They are very happy to design and deliver workshops for staff within the licensed trade.

Pavilions have found that many clubs and bars have staff struggling themselves with alcohol or other drug issues. Club and bar staff are working in an environment where they are surrounded by alcohol and drugs, therefore heavy use is often normalised.

Binge or heavy drinking might become the norm for them and lead them to habits damaging to their health and affecting negatively the work they do.

image: cocoparisienne

image: cocoparisienne

During a 1.5 hour workshop, Pavilions will typically go through:

-      discussion of guidelines/units and of the challenges of staying within the recommended limits when one works in an environment where everyone drinks

-      risks and impact of drinking daily/heavily

-      ways to assess one’s drinking and strategies to reduce alcohol

-        main drugs used locally in clubs and pubs and harm reduction advice around these

-        online and  local support services and resources . 

Pavilions have had fantastic feedback both by staff and managers on how practical, useful and non-judgmental their training is.  

They are happy to discuss if the above example of what can be covered in a workshop would meet your staff needs and can tailor the sessions to the specific issues and needs facing staff. They are also happy to come and run sessions at your venue. 

Simply send over some potential training dates/ number of staff and managers to train to Agnes Munday,