Talking about St James's Street #2 Eve

Sussex Police and the city council are trying to find better ways to work with residents and businesses around St James’s Street to improve the area so that it feels a safe and welcoming place for all, and to look at ways they can collaborate more closely with the community to help make this happen.

At the first ‘Talking about St James’s Street’ event in June, police asked residents and businesses about the most important ways to improve the area. From the discussions at the meeting it was clear that crime and community safety is an urgent local issue and priority for many people, so for the second event the police and council will be focusing on just this theme. 

The event will be attended by officers from Sussex Police and Brighton & Hove City Council, and the aim will be not just to identify problems and concerns, but to start developing actions and a positive vision for change.  

To make sure that as many people as possible can join the conversation, they are holding TWO events—daytime and evening—and businesses and residents are invited to attend either:

Wednesday October 16th - Dorset Gardens Methodist Church

10:00 to 12 noon   OR   18:00 to 20:00

For a summary of the first event which took place in June, visit

A poster for the event has been attached – if you are able to put one up in the community or share in any online spaces this would be extremely helpful and welcome. If you would like to be provided with a printed copy to put up, please contact and one can be delivered to you.